Bob DeTorre is the brother of Frank DeTorre and the uncle /godfather of Shane DeTorre.


Much like his brother Frank, he is very lazy, unhygienic and unmotivated. Throughout the film, he is shown smoking cigars. Also like him, he cares deeply for his family, and was the one that recommended Frank for the job at the zoo and worried when his brother got ill. He was even quick to allow Shane DeTorre to approach her ailing father after he was loaded on an ambulance.

Osmosis Jones(film)Edit

He was seen when he and Frank were talking about their weekend.

He was seen going with Frank to Buffalo, but when they were on their way Bob notices that Frank is sick and they decided to cancel the trip and go to the hospital. He wasn't seen at the end of the film.


  • Bob is portrayed by Chris Elliott
  • Like his brother, Bob is a zookeeper.
  • In the movie, it is mentioned that Bob has kids and is married.