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Chief Gluteus is the police chief in the Body of Hector Cruz in Ozzy & Drix.


Chief Gluteus is a gruff and serious old muscle cell and the Chief of Police for the City of Hector. He often prefers to handle things himself, which usually results in disasters. Oftentimes, he will take credit for discoveries or arrests made by Ozzy and Drix.

Ozzy & DrixEdit

Unlike the Chief in Osmosis Jones, he seems to take an active role in affairs in Hector


  • Gluteus is a little bit similar to the Chief of Police from the Osmosis Jones(Film). Both dislike Ozzy doing stuff by himself and not needing any autorithy, but they still gave him another chance.
  • His name comes from Gluteus Maximus, the scientific name for the muscles in the buttock.
  • In "Aunt Histimaine", it reveals he has a crush on Drix's aunt.

He mentions he likes parades in Puberty Alert"