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The Chief is the leader of the white-blood cell cops and is Osmosis Jones' and Drix's boss.


The Chief is a grossly overweight white blood cell who runs a tight ship. He expects nothing but the best from Frank's Finest. This means he often clashes with Ozzy for disobeying orders. 

Osmosis Jones (film)Edit

The Chief is first seen at one of the Lymph Nodes, where he scolds Ozzy for going against direct orders and persuing a germ on foot. He decides to give him a second chance on the condition that he be paired up with Drix to work on a case in the Throat. After the destruction of the Zit, he reluctantly takes Ozzy's badge and gun as the mayor fires him. At the end of the film, he presents it back to him, giving him full Immunity privileges again.


  • He used to be friends with Mayor Phlegmming.
  • Its unknown what the Chief's real name is.