The nose is where cells stop the dust from entering the human body. It appears as a very large cave, with the Dam at the top holding in the mucus. all around the edges of the Nose are white blood cells with booger guns to keep foreign bodies from entering Frank. They are not always successful.

Osmosis Jones(film)Edit

One of Drix's scheduled stops is in the Nose to take care of any mucus problems. As he and Ozzy check the Dam for any irregularities, Thrax increases the sinus pressure enough to cause the Dam to crack, causing a runny nose. Ozzy and Drix are nearly killed by the avalanche of snot, but are saved as Frank sucks the mucus back up. 

Ozzy and DrixEdit

Hector's Nose has a similar layout to Frank's. A dam is at the top of the Nose, and beyond that a ways is Mucus Beach, where cells and bacteria alike go to vacation.


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