Leah Estrogen is Mayor Phlemming’s secretary and Osmosis Jones' love interest later girlfriend.


Leah is a hard-working and serious female cell who wants to do what's right. She disliked Osmosis Jones at first, but she grew warmly to him and started to care for him. Leah is very kind to her friends and always tries to do what's right. She is a red blood cell, but her cytoplasm is dark purple, while her membrane is a lighter shade of purple.

Osmosis Jones (movie)Edit

She was first seen at her office where she told Mayor Phlemming, her boss about Tom Colonic's campaign video. She is deeply concerned about Frank's current condition, but lacks the persuation power with the mayor to actually do anything about it. She is annoyed by the way Ozzy flirts with her throughout the film, but she tolerates it. She even cares for him as a person, since she felt bad for him after he was fired by the mayor. Leah is the first to notice that something is wrong with Frank on the day that they were planning to go to Buffalo. She heads down to the Hypothalamus and sounds the alarm. She is then kidnapped and screaming by Thrax and taken down to the Uvula, where he escapes. As Frank dies, she begins to lose hope and claims they're dead, but gains it again when Ozzy returns with the missing strand of DNA. At the end of the movie, they share a sweet kiss.


  • She mainly functions as a secondary character. 
  • She was replaced by Maria Amino.