Osmosis "Ozzy" Jones
Osmosis Jones

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White blood cell


Blood cell




Drixo "Drix" Benzo Metaphedramine



Osmosis "Ozzy" Jones – he's the titular main protagonist of the film. He's a white blood cell and a rebel cop. He doesn't have much respect for authority. His best friend's Drix and he has a crush on Leah Estrogen. He's funny and adventure-seeking. Ozzy does anything to keep Frank in shape even if it means stopping Thrax.

Personality and Appearance Edit

Osmosis Jones is an adventurous, rebellious, funny, goofy and sometimes selfish white-blood cell who tries to keep Frank DeTorre healthy. Being a cell, his body's soft and pliable. His cytoplasm's baby blue and his membrane's translucent. Throughout the film, he tries to gain the affections of Leah Estrogen. His shape-shifting ability's very handy and serviceable, and it has served him well in both in the movie and the show. 

Osmosis Jones (film)Edit

Ozzy's first shown as part of the Mouth Patrol, when the viewer sees the inside of Frank for the first time. While he and his partner are chasing some bacteria, they were sucked into the lungs by a massive yawn. He tried to pursue the bacteria on foot, but he accidentally triggered a major muscle cramp in Frank's right leg. Then the Chief gave him a chance to redeem himself by assigning him with Drix to check out some inflammation in the Throat. When he's there, he discovered that it might not just be your everyday inflammation.

Then he gained more information from the Memory Hotline and Chill, which leads him and Drix to a confrontation with Thrax at the Zit club. Ozzy and Drix are then both fired by the mayor after they accidentally destroyed the zit with a medicine grenade. That night when Ozzy decided to go take a walk around the city, he is further humiliated when the Mayor made the local newspaper release a new article called "Loser Cop Fired", making his even reputation worse. He then went see a dream at the Dreamplex theatre where he soon discovered that Thrax was still alive and that he had infiltrated the Brain. After getting Drix back on board, they gave chase to Thrax (who had also taken Leah hostage) to the uvula. After nearly cornering him, Thrax manages triggers a sneeze with pollen as a distraction before riding the shockwave out of Frank.

Ozzy proceeds after Thrax via Drix's cannon knocking them both onto Shane's eye. Ozzy fight with Thrax eventually leads them both to one of Shane's false eyelashes. Upon realizing such as it was disconnecting, Thrax makes one final attempt to kill Ozzy stating he won't be around for when he kills Shane. Luckily, Ozzy had tricked Thrax into jamming his claw into the falsie and made a run for it with the chain. He managed to jump to safety as falsie came loose which fell into a beaker of rubbing alcohol causing Thrax to dissolve. Then Ozzy rode on one of Shane's tears back to Frank ultimately saving him in the nick of time. He is then reinstated to the Immunity with full privileges, Drix as his new partner, and Leah as his girlfriend.  

Ozzy and DrixEdit

After a year they defeated Thrax, he and Drix were transferred from Frank to Hector by a Mosquito. At first, he was reluctant to stay, but soon they realized that they can do more good in Hector than they ever could in Frank. His personality's slightly lighter than it was in the Movie, since he cracks more jokes, and that they're an amazing team.


  • The directors of the Movie originally tried to get Will Smith to voice Ozzy.
  • Ozzy's voiced by Chris Rock in the Movie.
  • He and Drix are the main characters in the T.V. show, Ozzy and Drix.
  • Ozzy's one of the only characters to have a name that's a biological reference and a human last name.
  • Ozzy has a rivalry with Paul Spryman, the Mayor of Hector and Gluteus, the Police Chief of Hector.
  • Ozzy's similar to both Dirty Harry and Batman from the DC Universe.
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